When this bleedin’ war is over


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Denmark WW1 Running Order

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When this bleedin’ war is over
No more soldiering for me
When I get my civvies clothes on
Oh, how happy I shall be.
No more church parades on Sunday
No more asking for a pass
I shall tell the sergeant major
To stick his passes up his arse

When this lousy war is over
Oh how happy I shall be
When I get my civvie clothes on
And I return from Germany.
I shall sound my own reveille
I shall make my own tattoo
No more N.C.O’s to bollock me
No more rotten Army stew.

N.C.O.’s will all be navvies
Privates ride in motor cars:-
Officers will smoke their Woodbines,
Privates puff their big cigars.
No more ‘Stand-To’ in the trenches
Never another church- parade;
No more shiv’ring on the fire step,
No more Tickler’s marmalade



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Parts-Scores and/or recordings

When this Bleeding War – Full Score

Parts MP3 Recording Other
All MP3 Piano
Bass MP3 Piano
Baritone MP3 Piano
UpMid/ContraTenor MP3 Piano
Tenor MP3 Piano


Depending on your browser, you should be able to download from one of the above links by either right-click -> download file/Save Link as/Save Linked File or control-click -> download linked file/Save Link as. For Google Chrome and some other browsers that have disabled mp3 downloads, I’m putting in a link (marked “link”), so click on that and right-click or control-click -> download linked file/Save Link as

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