The Start of a Community Music Hub

Musewares as an organisation is a not-for profit company aimed at developing Cultural Centres and processes.  Based on the research of the so called “enormous large complex networks”, we are working at creating more social cohesion by creating places that people can get together and develop ideas, businesses and social networks.  We do this by both working with and creating hubs.

Hubs work as a means of getting together!

At the moment, this site is just for one aspect of that work, the development of choral spaces for social work that transcends any cultural or political divides.  This version of the website is intended to facilitate just that; sharing learning files, photos and other media relevant to community development and singing in particular.  Current objectives include working on making this a place that can help those that access it to connect, share ideas about singing, amongst other things, and also join singing teams easily with stored resources for learning songs, events and other things that make the singing world go ’round.

Coming Events;

Freo Arts Club Opening

Musical Menagerie

Past Events We’ve Been proud to have Participated in;

  • Fremantle Choral Minifest 21st August 2016
  • ZigZag Festival
  • Denmark
  • PseudoFest
  • Summerfest
  • Fairbridge Festival
  • National Folk Festival
  • Denmark Festival of Voice
  • Dunsborough Songfest
  • Classical Encounters (Fremantle Festival) 2013, 2014
  • UpHill Down Dale
  • Bibbulmen Airs

Choirs and groups home pages

Resources-Choir Learning files

If you’d like more information, please use the contact form;

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