Keep the Home Fires Burning

We do this fairly straight: Solo tenor verses (2), Sung by Mike We Do Chorus?

join in chorus – unison


Mp3s and scores
Any Youtube or web links/connections


Denmark WW1 Running Order

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They were summoned from the hillside,
They were called in from the glen,
And the country found them ready
At the stirring call for men.
Let no tears add to their hardship,
As the soldiers pass along,
And although your heart is breaking
Make it sing this cheery song:

Keep the home fires burning
While your hearts are yearning,
Though the lads are far away,
They dream of home.
There’s a silver lining,
Through the dark clouds shining,
Turn the dark cloud inside out,
Till the boys come home.

Overseas there came a Pleading
“Help a Nation in distress”
And we gave our glorious laddies
Honour bade us do no less.
For no gallant son of Britain
To a foreign yoke shall bend
And no Englishman is silent
To the Sacred Call of Friend


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Parts-Scores and/or recordings

Piano introduction

Depending on your browser, you should be able to download from one of the above links by either right-click -> download file/Save Link as/Save Linked File or control-click -> download linked file/Save Link as. For Google Chrome and some other browsers that have disabled mp3 downloads, I’m putting in a link (marked “link”), so click on that and right-click or control-click -> download linked file/Save Link as

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